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Take control of the cloud with our unmanaged Cloud VPS cloud product line. Flexible deployment options geared towards developers and web savvy individuals. Pick from multiple operating system images and customize the server to your hearts content. Perfect for your next LAMP stack, or Nginx deployment. Can be ran with or without a control panel. Get SLH's excellent network and state of the art cloud at an unbelievable price!

Complete Control
Get full root access and your choice of Linux OS including CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian
High Performance
Deploy on a lightning-fast cloud platform with built-in redundancy to ensure reliability and availability
Enterprise Security
Your cloud infrastructure is secure with our world-class network, DDOS defense, SSH keys, and firewalls

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You're Our Priority 24x7x365

We are not just another web hosting company. We strive to provide outstanding, brisk and steadfast hosting services backed with our technical experts.


24/7 Expert Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is always 24/7/365 on hand to assist you. You can Call, Live chat, Email us or Open a ticket for any hosting-related questions.


SMS Notification

We started sending SMS alerts about ticket supporting and Order related information.


99.95% Uptime Commitment

We know the availability of your website is your primary concern and so is ours. Our Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers enables us to provide you the best uptime. Live Status

Unmanaged Cloud Linux VPS with

Easy and fast service management merged with secure and scalable infrastructure

The heart of SriLanka

As a SriLanka's Biggest web services portal, We can offer maximum security, reliability and best prices simply because we operate our partner of data centers remotely. Locations : Germany, USA

KVM-based virtualization

KVM virtualization enables provisioning of VPS based on independent dedicated resources with near-physical server characteristics and the same management and configuration principles.

Secure storage

Our VPS is designed with data security in mind. We use only enterprise-class server hardware and components. Have no doubt that your data hosted on RAID enabled storage array is safe with us.

Powerful hardware

Servers are powered by multi-core (14 cores / 28 threads) Intel Xeon Gold 6132 processors. We pack 384 GB RAM into each node along with dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.

Assistance on demand

Managing a Linux VPS server can be tough, especially at the beginning. We offer assistance and guidance in these first steps on setting up your dream server on VPS Linux. And if you need any further tips, feel free to visit our knowledge base or ask a question in the community forums. If you don’t find an answer there, feel free to submit a ticket through the customer help desk or contact the support via live chat.

Customizable Linux kernel

Whenever you need to add or remove a module from your Linux kernel, you can easily do that! Completely separate from the node, Linux VPS kernel allows you to do more than any other VPS. Since you get full access to the system, you can freely modify and customize your kernel to be more resource-efficient, reduce memory usage and much more. Make resource management an easy experience.

Frequently Asked questions

Find answers to some of the asked questions about Our Service.

Cloud VPS Hosting is more like a dedicated server within another physical dedicated server. SLH Linux VPS Hosting shares resources with every other client on the host node and is considered a container-based virtualization.

CentOS, CloudLinux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian

We reduce your server port speed 10 times until the new month starts. No worries, we won’t charge any extra fees or suspend your services.

Linux VPS runs with 3.x+ Linux kernel version. If you need a more advanced version of Linux kernel, please feel free to upgrade it, there are no restrictions!

Our servers are located in Europe, Lithuania, Vilnius. If you want to review our network performance before the purchase,feel free to visit our looking glass tool on status.srilankahosting.com

Each VPS includes one IPv4 address. If you need more IPv4 addresses, they can be purchased as add-ons after server deployment (max. 31 additional IPs per single instance).

Yes, we do. Every virtual machine comes with one primary IPv6 address with an option to add more.